The Jibika Bahini will develop a sustainable prototype with the complete value chain in a school while teaching the students of the high school on the livelihood based activity. The prototype will be demonstrated and exhibited to the public where the concern technical institute will evaluate to grade the livelihood professional. This will certify the JIBIKA BAHINI to become a state level resource person and may get startup supports. 

The above as explained is a long term process. As such, an initial learning and social impact learning The Jibika Bahini along with the interns/ students from several premier education institutes will work on a project for 2-3 months to replace plastic bags in Guwahati by promoting a paper/cloth bags enterprise / livelihood initiative creating a mass based support. The Pratidin Times TV channel has come in as a media partner in this initiative along with several other organizations and individuals supporting the cause. We have been provided with a spacious office at Ganeshguri Chariali by Shri Bhagya Kalita in his building B K Towers free of cost supporting the initiative as being refer by Dr Navanil Baruah the director of GNRC hospital group. We are glad to let you know that Fr. V M Thomas the Provincial of the Donbosco Institutes has been actively participating in this initiative. Although the initiative has just started it seems that it has a scope to become a public movement incase being supported by premium knowledge hub of your repute. 

A recent study done by MDF under Eco-Friendly Integrated Livelihood Mission (E-FILM) project in Ri-Bhoi district, Meghalaya has revealed that the educated youths tend to move away from working in the agricultural activities or other livelihood activities that their family practice due to various issues. This issue has made MDF come together with several resource organizations including Assam Science and Technology Environment Council (ASTEC), Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission Society (ASRLMS), SEWA, LuitNirman etc and have started an initiative to create Livelihood professionals. The initiative is been termed as JIBIKA BAHINI (Livelihood Commandos) and 15 educated unemployed youths are joining the JIBIKA BAHINI for 3-6 months period with or with any remuneration. The youths have attended a two days workshop on 11th and 12th of September where they have been exposed to seven livelihood based activities and in the due course they will be working as interns in one of the livelihood based enterprise.